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Essential oil blends made to match high frequency emotions of Love, Joy and Peace for that instant uplift.


Freq 500

Soothe with sweet floral notes of bergamot, clary sage, geranium, orange​ and spearmint


Freq 540

Boost with sprightly bergamot, cedarwood, eucalyptus, juniper berry, lemongrass and patchouli


Freq 600

Calm and lighten with bergamot, chamomile, juniper berry and lemon


How does LOVE, JOY & PEACE actually smell like?

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Scent is a powerful tool for your emotional wellbeing. 

Research has shown that the olfactory pathway offers a direct link to the limbic brain, which is responsible for regulating and modulating emotions. 

Like a gentle nudge, a scent can help to trigger positive emotions and take the edge off any negative ones. 

It can also help to bring you back into a moment of awareness, so that emotions can be safely processed and released.

Olfactory & Limbic Systems
Limbic and Olfactory Systems
David R. Hawkins Map of Consciousness
Adapted from "Map of Consciousness" by Sir David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D

Mi Scents™ is created by a certified medical intuitive and life coach as a tool to support her clients’ everyday emotional needs. 

Each blend has been designed using Medical Intuition System™ protocols to capture the highest possible frequencies using a harmony of natural, globally sourced quality plant-based ingredients.

Pick up and perk up with LOVE, JOY and PEACE to attain or support a higher emotional state wherever you go. 

Take a whiff, or a deep healing breath. 

Dab on your pressure points, and inhale a new scentsation of calmness, euphoria and inner wellbeing.



Place a few drops on palm of one hand and gently rub both palms together to warm up the oils. Next, cup both palms over nose, close eyes and inhale.


Apply on skin. Recommended areas are temples, forehead, back of neck, shoulders and middle of chest. Suitable for body massage. Dilution not required.


Incorporate into your preferred ultrasonic, reed, wood or burner diffuser.


Suitable to apply on fabric like pillow, scarf or clothes.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Not for oral consumption.


Essential oils are called "essential" as they are the essences of a plant.

They are the highly concentrated version of the natural oils in plants.

Oils are extracted through distillation from the bark, sap, leaves, seeds, flowers and fruit rinds of a plant.

Most of the essential oils are from France, followed by Brazil, India and Indonesia. Blending is carried out in Singapore.

Inhalation, topical skin application, or diffusing.


Safe for normal skin

The blends have been 'diluted' with a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil). It is safe to directly apply on normal non-sensitive, non-allergenic skin.

Recommended Application

In addition to pulse points and your favourite spots, there are various parts of the body and chakras that each blend is recommended for:


  • Behind the ears
  • Chest area, upper back
  • Heart Chakra


  • Pelvic region, lower back, any aching areas
  • Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakras


  • Head area: forehead, temples, scalp, base of neck
  • Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakras


Safe for most diffusers.

Eg: ultrasonic, reed, wood or burner diffuser.

Do not put the blends in burning candles.

It may explode into a flash fire. EOs tend to be extremely flammable with high flash points.

For expectant mothers

The recommendation is inhalation and diffusing, rather than direct skin application.


The blends contain EOs that are safe for using during pregnancy like Chamomile (PEACE), Geranium (LOVE), and Patchouli (JOY).


Some research caution the use of Clary Sage that is used in LOVE, hence inhalation than direct application is recommended. 



For infants

Diffusing is recommended rather than inhalation or skin application. 



For pets

Diffusing is recommended rather than letting pet inhale or applying on pet's skin. 

Our founder is a certified life coach and medical intuitive. 


Testing protocols from the Medical Intuition System™, a branch of Energy Medicine, were applied.

The combination and proportion of oils required to reach the energetic vibrational frequencies of the emotions of Love, Joy and Peace to create each blend were identified using these testing protocols. 


A medical intuitive applies intuitive testing or muscle testing to diagnose, and aligns with universal energy around and within to aid healing. 


Intuition is a sense of knowing within everyone that can be trained to be an ability. Intuition applied for curative purposes is known as Medical Intuition. 


I put a few drops of LOVE on my mask. This refreshes me especially while I am driving, gives a feel good feeling and keeps me attentive.
Alfred H.
I sleep better whenever I use PEACE. I apply on my forehead, temples and nostrils, as well as inhale, and sleep more soundly with each use.
Dalip K.
I use Mi Scents before I go to sleep by rubbing it in my palms and inhaling. Brings a sense of calm over me. Highly recommended.
Joe C.
Sydney, Australia
I am an avid EO user. After using Mi Scents, I find myself reaching out less to other oils as I feel 'lifted' with LOVE, JOY and PEACE.
As an energy healer and being sensitive to energy, I felt energy shifts and truly the emotions of Love, Joy and Peace when I inhaled each of the scents.
Darius S.
Go with Mi Scents in a world awash with EOs. Formulated with the right intentions, LOVE, JOY and PEACE go some way to evoke the emotions indicated and smell heavenly!
Vinay R.
I apply behind my ears and inhale in the mornings to calm myself before starting the day, and also at night to feel more comfortable just before sleep.
JOY was invigorating for me, while PEACE gave me a sense of calmness. Both are exactly what I need when at work and also at home to alleviate stress!
Anita V. E.
Brisbane, Australia
Love the scents! After a long day, PEACE really helps relax and calm me down. Both JOY and LOVE gives a positive vibe when I use them. Thumbs up!
Evelyn C.
JOY makes me feel like I'm in the middle of a forest or garden. I also apply JOY on bruises, which relieves some pain after a few applications.
Liz K.
PEACE seems to induce sleep. I apply it every night and find myself sleeping more soundly, and waking up less frequently in the middle of the night.
Shirley W.
LOVE gave a soothing release, JOY was uplifting, while PEACE gave me a sense of calmness and clarity - all perfect for different times of the day!
Anna T.

Made in Singapore with globally sourced essential oils and recyclable materials.


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